ReSharper Open Source

09 October 2014

Yesterday I received my first ReSharper Open Source license from JetBrains for use with shuttle-esb. I am totally thrilled by...

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NServiceBus V5 Configuration

09 October 2014

Since I am active on StackOverflow I came across this question: How to reconfigure SQLTransport based NServicebus in Web...

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Why we stopped using SignalR

08 October 2014

My current development team has been making use of SignalR for communication since I came on board 1 February 2013....

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MSMQ and TransactionScope

07 March 2012

It turns out that when using TransactionScope you should be creating the MessageQueue instance inside the TransactionScope: using(var scope =...

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SOA is not going away

05 December 2010

Sometimes it is difficult to explain things that appear to be extremely simple. I guess this is where tacit knowledge...

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Bite-Size Chunks

04 November 2010

I came across this article on ZDNet: The bigger the system, the greater the chance of failure Now, I am...

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Behavioural Coupling

28 October 2010

When I left work yesterday I had to work through a turnstile. One of those big ones that only one...

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Natural Aggregates vs Synthetic Aggregates

19 August 2010

In databases we have natural keys such as company code, client number, and order number. Then we have synthetic keys...

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Entity vs. Value Object

18 August 2010

This is another question that keeps popping up on Domain-Driven Design. It seems to be a difficult task and some...

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How easy is ORM?

10 August 2010

I subscribe to Code Project newsletters. So this morning I receive one with the following blog post: Mixing Table Per...

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